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Last updated: February 21, 2017

Hier finden sie die komplette Liste der ornithologischen Bücher aus dem Nachlass von Prof. Hans Schick


This website hosts the Trip Reports on ornithological observations during my journeys in different countries of Europe since 1991.

It will last some time, until all these reports are prepared for the web. I will start with the more recent ones and add the earlier observations as time allows.

It is a characteristic feature of these reports that they give a complete and detailed list of all birds seen during these tours. In this way they offer rather an impression of the everyday birdlife in the visited areas than a list of rareties.

By using the databank program OrniDB (OrnithologicalDataBank) of Ralf Schirmeister (www.ralf-schirmeister.de) for the registration of the daily observations it was very easy to edit the data in different forms. For this website the edition in form of Excursion Reports and Species Lists was generally applied.

In 2002 I started with digiscoping. This allowed to include pictures of the visited areas as well as images of many of the observed birds into the reports, thus giving more vivid impressions of birdlife in the visited areas.

In 2004 I launched the display of selected pictures in a Bird Gallery. Maybe, they are a pleasure for birdlovers  as well as a help for less experienced birdwatchers in the identification of birds.

The presentation of a Feather Collection is the third topic of this website. The displayed feathers are found within several decades on ornithological excursions mainly in Germany.



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